Sunday, January 30, 2011

Just some thought after read your article

You said that "merancang penubuhan kelab-kelab malam terkemuka, menganjurkan konsert utama, melonggarkan garis panduan untuk penghibur antarabangsa dan mempakejkan semula acara antarabangsa seperti Formula 1 dan MotoGP." to boost up Malaysia's INDUSTRI PELANCONGAN. Government put up millions or even billions of money into programs and you said that actually destroying teenager's mind? Teenagers tend to addict on the entertainments and lost their direction? What do you actually want from the government? Take up all the money and give to poor people? You have to know that is just your own selfish perception! Things do have pros and cons, so we need to decide which way would be the most suitable that will bring the highest profits and sacrifice the other one to make things done. Should not put it as sacrifice, less focusing on it( trying my best to use other word to replace it. xD)

You have to know that our world have this system call inflation. What does inflation means? inflation is a rise in the general level of prices of goods and services in an economy over a period of time(taken from Wikipedia). To make it simple means generally price of product will increase either daily, monthly, or yearly. You might be able to use Rm1 to get a bowl of noodles 10years ago but definitely not with the same price today. So do not blame government that raise the price of oil. You do not expect the price stay at the same level forever. Do not expect subsidies from government because it is like asking money without hard work( my perception) plus where do you think the subsidies come from? Citizen

Last but not least, you don't expect people to forgive you after you hit him with your strong fist. The "sorry" is meaningless because you never feel guilty AT ALL!

Friday, January 21, 2011


今天很想跟大家分享下我对 “学校” 的定义。

所谓学校学校,学习的校园。 一块地大家聚在一起吸收各种不同的学问。不单只是课本的内容,还有待人处事,沟通,时间上的分配,理财,随机应变,争取,分享等等。 成绩最高分不代表第一名就是这个意识~




Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Just brought a new desktop ,achieved 1 of my target...

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New year

People kept greeting Happy New year happy year at yesterday which is? 01.01.2011. However, I personally feel that this is not a good starting of my new year. I got no chance to go out hang out with best friends, they all still at Tawau~ I miss them

Not even Friends at PJ here because of work... This promoter work is killing me!

WORSE part: 12am sharp the sky was colored by fireworks BUT I dint managed to watch it. My house facing the other direction =.=""

Happy New year guys~