Friday, March 26, 2010

My Date Night

OK! This was the most memorable Date Night that i wanted to share with you all. When we are in a relationship with another partner, of course we are hoping to have a romantic night or date that belongs to both of us. Somethings like holding her hands and walk at the beach under the moonlight or romantic candle light dinner for two and relax together on classic musics.

There were a girl that i was hoping to invite her for a date and she finally accepted my invitation. Jubilant me, i dressed up formal wear to impress her in this first date night with her. However,she misunderstood that this date was an invitation between friends and friends. I just managed to let out a tiny chuckle when her arrived accompanied with our course-mates. The word embarrassing was written on my face as my face when red when they commended on my wears. "I just came from a wedding party", why could i given such ridiculous excuses?

So MEMORABLE right? =.= This lesson told me that everything must make it clear, Crystal clear especially the invitation on a date to a girl.

Written this to get two invites for the movie DATE NIGHT as below.

It was fun to stay with friends and enjoy every moments with them. In my age, i think that friendship are more important than relationship with girls(Girl Friend). Hey! We are young and not to desperate find a Wife yet right? Plus Relationship with girl might face problem and end up breakup however, friendship last forever. This feeling started since Secondary school and last until now. I was affable enough that i had a lot of friends and best friend. I felt indeed grateful with this.

We always spend time together with friends after SPM and might sleep at their house, spend a whole night to chit-chat with them or do something like PS2 or games. Same situation applied to yesterday that some of them came to my house(Petaling Jaya) and stayed overnight.

Guest what was micky doing by putting his hand on Kian Wee's back?

The guy that Sang K with friends until no energy to play with us at midnight...

Do you all know that my house got part timer maid? His name called Larry and i caught him that looting my short Pants.

Latest spectacles! Double OK will do~

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Sunday, March 7, 2010


Do you all know that when we are angry, our body will release a kind of toxic that will last in our body for 3months to detoxify it? So, basically we as human cannot be angry for more than 4times in a year??? OMG!


Share with you all 1 of my favorite song name "FRIEND""朋友" It is easy to have a friend but not easy to maintain a friendship.

周華健 - 朋友

这些年 一个人
风也过 雨也走
有过泪 有过错
真爱过 才会懂
会寂寞 会回首
终有梦 终有你 在心中
朋友 一生一起走
那些日子 不再有
一句话 一辈子
一生情 一杯酒
朋友 不曾孤单过
一声朋友 你会懂
还有伤 还有痛
还要走 还有我