Tuesday, September 27, 2011

27Sep 2011

Should always read and reduce the usage of computer(except Searching or people replace it with "google+ing'.

Do you guys realize when you got questions to ask and people do not know how to answer what will they eventually say? "go google it" ? (Joe, This phrase sounds familiar? xD) I wonder will my lecturers use this GOOGLE too?

By the way, People envy and jelous on almost everthing when they found something better. Same goes to me. hehe!
Joe: His english Dam Fantastic, marvelous, incredible that make me feel low when after read his blog. Its like Grade A and Grade D when compare both our standard... :(
KP: Her chinese! Of course, she is the part time chinese teacher before. ( The phrase that I use to make myself better. xD)
My 2nd sis: Not ganna say why because she will laugh at me when after she read this blog. xD

Monday, September 26, 2011


lately never update this blog, you know why? The reason is because nothing much happened this this few months. Only Work, Game, and Sleep. No Up and Down..... No Surprise No Madness...... This Ordinary Life SUCKS.

Perhaps I should quit Online game again as promised to 1 of my best friend. We told each other Online game make us no life, no girl and this is definitely true. Girls wont like this Man to face the virtual world 24 hours right?

By The Way,

I saw her having hard time lately, expressed her feeling all over her Blog. Emos Spreaded to readers.

Do Hope that she will get well soon. There are much more important things than Love.

Everthing Things Will Be OK. ^.^ Cheer~!