Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I changed

That incident started when I waited the lift at Kuhara Court. Two "Ah MO"( white person) came in and waited with me.

Here were our conversations that I still remember:

MO: Are you resident here?
LIM: ork.... 2nd floor. -I shocked because I doesn't expected that he will start a conversation with me. SO I gave a wrong respond and answer to him.
MO: Kamu tinggal sini? He asked again with Bahasa Melayu perhaps he thought that I could not understand his language.

At that particular moment, I got 2 choices. Melayu or English.

He has change the conversation into BM and I can do better in BM compare to ENG but I choose English without any hesitation. Is this what I have changed after studying in West Malaysia? Dare to speak out even though still quite poor and broken in English? YES i guess...

LIM: Ya ya, 2nd floor. Nice to meet you and you are? I answered again with English.
MO: xxxx xxxx xxxx. -Could not remember his name.
LIM: I'm Ryan.
-The conversation continued but not important.


Thursday, December 9, 2010

First Step

That was definitely a good news!

I m actually taking my first step towards my target by working as promoter at next year January. But sorry to Yap Zai cause I cant go Singapore with you because of this work. Pai Sheh~

Although the salary are not attractive but still, better than serving people at restaurant. I mean the Salary not the working environment~

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Every time when Tawau friend come to my house, they sure motivate me. Because of? Envy.... Frankly speaking~

I m not going to talk about how and what I envy about them cause that would waste a lot of paper and ink if I list it out... xD I will make my targets come true by the end of next year. At that moment, it is your your your and your turn to envy me~! Muahahaha!!!

The only barrier that block me from achieving them is my finance and I will definitely not to beg my parents for it. So I basically got 1 year time to work hard on those goods. Should be more than enough.

These are the Item and activity that i want by the end of the 2011:
1: brand new badminton racket
2: New Comp ; Desktop or Laptop doesn't matter
3: Vacation with Yap Zai at UK ; need around RM3,500
4: Iphone5 ; Grab it after the 3rd target achieved. Doesn't need to get it before 2011.*