Tuesday, April 20, 2010

虽然心情很不好但脸上还是挂着笑容,还是开开心心的开玩笑,做回平时的自己。为的就是不让别人看得透我在想什么,在烦什么。感觉就好像把不愉快的心情压着,再拿开心的贴上。酱大家都会好过点。 哎哟!谁都不想靠近很 emo 的人吧!我自己也不想成为那个影响别人+自己的贱人~ 回家写下blog+Facebook 来发泄下心情就ok 咯!

事情是发生在2010年4月20号早上10.30am左右。。。老师派成绩(business statistics),科目就好像math+addmath 的,成绩超差的!差到连我自己都不敢相信的地步。根本就不想去了解别人的分数了,可能是不想发现到自己跟别人的分相差得太远吧!找个洞钻进去最好。。。

其实我有在一旁emo了一下的(没有人知道),一下下而已,应该没有超过15秒。脑袋是空的(mind went blank),就。。。。让自己有心情不好的一下,然后才做会自己咯!很有效~ 难道要别人发现你在干嘛,再过来安慰你:“做么你哦?”,"不要酱啦"之类的meh? =.=""

毕竟是我最擅长的maths,当然会有比较高的期望,谁知。。。。算了啦!~~~ 下次一定会更好~

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Thanks to my ex-housemate, dao gua and chun Jiun who never look down or underestimate me, always ajak me to join them in basketball, resulting me to fall in love with this exercise.

This exercise is not simple like throwing something small like ping pong ball or rolled papers into dustbin. It is basketball!!! The size of the ball would be the same as our human's head (Average) and you will need to carry it, pass it and shoot it into a ring. OK! I know it sound easy, even primary school baby can do it but not to forget that there will be BARRIERs / ENEMYs who will mess up every plan and strategy that is in your mind. 吃位,篮板,跑位,犯规,假动作,射击,等等+++ 少了一样都不行啊!!! It is not like they will stand there and let you do anything that you want. (除非人家放水啦) =.=

Yes!~ I am a tall guy with Height 187cm that knows wee bit about basketball, however, with no skills and experiences. Initially i hate to stand on basketball court and play, it is not like i m not enjoying the game but people will blame you when u make mistakes ( 就是我啦)cause you make the whole group lose games. Throw all sorts of words that will make me feel sorry to them. Even HAIZ, AIYO, ZHOK do affect me~ 带有fuck off 的意识!~These blew my top but feelings must be hidden to avoid people went out of me. ( They were)

Experiences change everything and i strongly believe that i am improving, a lot more to go but at least the title newbie/noob are no more with me. 遇强则强! 我讨厌被看不起的感觉,无助+无能的感觉。人长得酱高却没用的感觉!!!@#¥%……&!!!