Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Jealous and Envy

wad a special feeling... this maybe called jealous? NO, should say envy.

This feeling is starting with" WOW" and asking myself how can they ever do it? The thing that you work hard before but failed is actually achieved or completed my someone else. They celebrate it happily, Joyfully, laugh from bottom of their heart.

How i wished to be in the same shoe.

Next question came into my mind, "why cant I get it too"? (sounds jealous-ing) I believe most of the thing have no 2nd chance, even u successfully completed it, it wont be the same as previous. Example, Our Dr.Lee Chong Wei finally won Lin Dan in a match,however, in some of the perception of people will still think that Dr.Lee stand no chance on winning Lin. Why? Because he lost the 1st chance.

I wished to celebrate it with them, a word congratulation to wish them but in bottom of my heart, It feels "sour"