Sunday, November 29, 2009


haiz... i m sick~ when my throat started to feel uncomfortable, i knew that my body is weaken. And that is it. Batuk dan selesema!!!~

Sunday, November 22, 2009


拍戏真的一点都不简单, 尤其是当男/女主角. 这次也就是第一次到拍戏现场当K LEA FEA, 演个customer 坐在哪吃东西.
    那一幕是讲国雄要父母卖掉餐馆给他和朋友钱到中国透支发展但父母不肯因为担心他被骗加上经济不好, 不想冒险, 做点小生意就好了. 谈判不成儿子就生气的把爸爸推倒, 不爽的走了出去.还有一些细节没讲但你们猜猜看那一幕需要多久的时间? 2个小时!不是演员不专业, 也不是没做好准备,而是为了拿不同的角度,同一句话重复又重复又重复又重复.想象看:

国雄:"爸! 你别那么笨好不好?我们做生意, 要看远一点,对不对?要做就做最好的嘛,你们听我说, 卖掉这打本给我到中国透支,一下子就可以帮你们买回更大的餐厅了."
妈妈:"儿子啊!我和你爸商量过了,反正经济现在不稳定, 餐厅生意还不错, 我们还是决定不要卖了".
爸爸:"对啊!国雄, 不如你也回来帮忙,我们两父子一起搞好餐厅, 一定能...

CUT!!! 很好!现在进距离拍爸爸跟儿子的~
roll and action !
爸爸:" 对啊! 国雄, 不如你也回来.........repeat~
CUT!!! 爸爸的 跌到不够真乊, 再来一次.
roll and action!
爸爸:"对啊! 国......

就是酱一直拍一直拍, 我就在背后一直喝同样的茶(水来的), 一直吃同样的spaghetti(没真的放进嘴里啦!)
所以说啦, 演戏+拍戏一点都不简单! 想我酱的K LEA FEA 就不同咯!做着看而已~

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

With 1week time, This is the result of the experiment...

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


A lot of people said Mc.Donald food got problem as people dont know put what ingredient into the french fries and make consumers could not stop consume it.. Besides, i ever watch a video in YOUTUBE that Mc.D's French Fries will not decompose even after a few months.

Now i am going to do an experiment to see whether the french fries will decompose or not even
after 1month.

Monday, November 9, 2009


人生中第一次亲眼目睹到明星,还不止一位叻!!~ 她们就是S.H.E 啦!
身为OSIM,UKIMONO 的代言人来到P.J这Meet fans, 场面应该有超过2千人搞到超挤的~

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


First impression is very importance, Ordinary human likes to judge book by its cover, cant denied it because i also one of the ordinary human. Our accounting lecturer, came from other country(beside Thailand but i don't know where is it) so his Slang and teaching method are different. Plus he just graduated from KBU, so he also lack of experience. Whole class with million of question mark on top of their head just because we cant understand what is he teaching. And at that time, our mind had set some though which is He is the worse lecturer in KBU, no experience, and our accounting is going to be DOOM!!!

:"Cham le cham le... Jia Lat lo... GG... Help..."

Mis Lau told us the situation is like addmath chapter 1. Either is One to many or many to One. It is not Lecturer who change their teaching method to cooperate with so many student but is So many student change their learning method to cooperate with lecturer. When we obtain good result, it is myself who keep on study and do revision. In contrast, when obtain bad result, it is lecturer fault who never teacher us properly and didn't gave us enough information. I believe this is majority Students though right???

As i mention just now, Everybody had set their mind this lecturer is bad and they tend to ignore him, gossip about him and gave up. Complaining lecturer's teaching method and his attitude but for me, however, he is a great lecturer, at least he always came in earlier to the class and teach us what we need/ what should we learn in foundation but not just letting us sleep in the class and suffer in Degree course. Appreciate what we have and what we had.