Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Valentine’s Day

Millions of people all over the world plans their activities for this particular date which is 14Feb, Valentine's Day. Spend their time with parents, girl/boy friend, friends, or pet=.=. As for me, I will definitely spend my Valentine's Day with Jessica Alba if i could =P (i know it is too much for me to have a date with her, but at least a daydreaming will do) Hey! She is so pretty and hot, most of the Male would be attracted by her, am i right? xD

SO, this is how i am going to spend this particular day with Jessica...

Island trip will do.Why Island trip? It is because hundreds or thousands of fans and journalist/cameraman might be there if we spend our time in city or restaurant, not to mention Jessica is spending time with ME!?? The next magazine tittle might be "Jessica Alba spending Valentine's Day with ORDINARY MAN" LOL! Besides,She might use up her time just to give signature and take photo with fans. Security might beside us to ensure her safety. Aiyo! My wonderful Valentine's Day will be ruined by all this people, that is why i will never allowed that to happen! Island trip is the best choice!

It is impossible for us to drive car to the Island right? My personal Yacht is useful in such moment(still dreaming). With speed 100kmh-1 to the destination, enjoying the beauty of the Ocean with Jessica Alba. Oya! Especially around 6pm, both of us must be sitting at the top of the Yacht and looking at the awesome Sunset.

For the Valentine's meal, I choose not to hire a Chef or having it at 5-10star hotel but cook by myself.(Not to worry cause it is not poisonous.=P) Simple Asian food will do.

Saturday, January 30, 2010


So, this is it. One of the photo we took at Genting Highland at 26Jan2010.

This is the 1st time for me to go Genting with my friends and play Outdoor games. We brought 8am Skybus to genting however, the bus reach Iutama(bus stop) at around 8.45, make us almost fall asleep edi=.= We were having fun until we took the pirate ship, it swing for so many times that make me and Micky felt uncomfortable, no more moods to play others games. The worse came to next, the haze was getting thicker and thicker until droplets of water fall on the ground, creating illusion that it was raining. It was so cold as if the blood inside our body was freezing.

A few minutes after i borrowed Micky my jacket, cats and dogs appear and started to hit us as if we stepped on their tails or took their foods. One word to describe the situation, SEJUK!!! When u look at the picture that i posted, i am just wearing a T-shirt plus a Hawaii short pants. How good if i am a coldblooded creature that can withstand low temperature. =.=

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


我猜人都是酱的吧?都不喜欢,不敢或不想有那种陌生的感觉。到了陌生的环境,一个嘴巴讲个不停的人也顺时变成了哑巴! 我就是那种不敢的类型了!人长得那么高大都没用,明明是想要却缺少那份勇气来踏去第一步。廷威啊!你怎么酱的???

其实我干嘛那么抗拒这陌生的feel叻? 我也不知道~

Monday, January 18, 2010


我今天发现到其实我是蛮难接受批评的人来的,故事是重二姐投诉家里很乱很乱(事实上还真的蛮乱的),她讲到:“玩玩玩,你们怎样可以坐在酱乱的地方都不理的?”。 当时的我只想着都是她弄到的,加上这两天是她duty打扫叻,还敢在哪里比例巴拉?没骂她就好了!简直是不爽啊!! 结果3姐弟都不管了继续做自己的事,玩game的玩game,睡觉的睡觉,做功课的做功课。这时我又来了,想到那两个懒虫绝对不会动的啦!还是自己来吧,一做就是1个小时,还是半夜叻=。= 至少我肯去做,而且当看到自己做到的一切时会有一种满足感是重内心发出的,我所最求的其中一种感觉。

想回去其实也是少少的家务而已嘛,姐姐一个在忙Final Project,一个刚刚做完Project,身为弟弟的我就应该体谅下她们,但就是不知为什么有一点点的不爽,可能是被批评了但没去接受吧!


Friday, January 15, 2010


I will be taking Pure Accounting in my degree course...

Thursday, January 14, 2010



你不喜欢等人,人家也不喜欢等你, 所以叻,守时很重要!!!

Friday, January 8, 2010

I do not know

i do not know:
-what i likes
-what i loves
-my futures
-my favorites
Most important is i do not know myself.