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Wednesday, December 2, 2009


   你们真的是很笨! 我只能这样说~网络是言论自由,有时被批评,狂骂,看小都有可能会发生的但... 因为这种小事而放弃BLOG/FABEBOOK? Sorry la, 我看不出有什么理由应该这样做! 为了读书,朋友+自己得离乡背井到更好的地方求学但如何与好友保持联络呢? 当然是由MSN或Facebook这些medium来帮忙的吗! 难道真的是每天SMS+打电话啊?




Tuesday, December 1, 2009

book review

Again, I had gain a quite high mark in a presentation which is English Book Review. We were requiring to read a whole book that is "good book", some kind of motivation or educational book. At that particular moment, I still remember one of my friend's reaction which is :" Ha.... book again a?", ya that's right as our 1st English assignment also related to book, <> and most of them have no idea what to do and what to read.

My mind only set up with <> as I only know this book that is quite interesting (My sis Said). Besides, this book in my rack had almost full of dust as I never... I mean I seldom touch it. The book is borrowed from my Sister and I started to read it.

This book explaining the critical role our unconscious mind plays in creating illness and injury, and teaches us how to deal with it. The book is <<When Chicken Soup is Not Enough, Revolutionary Healing through the Mind-Body Connection>>. Unfortunately, this book didn't manage to attract me because... I don know, maybe the author keep on repeating the sick illness sick illness sick and illness. That is why I follow some of my friends to MPH (book store), again, find a good book to read and that it is! <<>>. With a good title and got reputation of the author, I decided to buy this book that cost me RM46.85 only.

Skips all the details, and Huat la! I gain 10marks in the Book Review! Mr. Irene( English lecturer) gave me a full marks that make up my 9+1( I don't know the meaning). She even shakes my hand and said:"Congratulation Ryan, u gains a full mark from me." I was Stunned as if the world had stop rotating in that particular few second.... ok ok, I know it is quite "kua zhang" but I was really TOO HAPPY. I had no enough preparation for this book review, Just go to the front of the class and share with everyone what ever I know about this book, surprisingly teacher likes my attitude and this is the book review that she want but no a simple presentation. Thank God that my RM46.85 was proved worth.

Started to enjoy the stress and pressure when stand in front of everyone.